The WOW Factor

Island Made ArtBack in 2011, artist Jan Dineen decided that she needed a studio in which to create, display and sell her painted pillows, mosaics and “camper art”—wooden clocks, textiles and plaques with camping-themed images. Her residence simply didn’t offer sufficient space.

One of the vacant suites at 722 Tarpon Street caught her eye. It was more room than she needed or could afford so she sought out someone with whom she could share it.

Island Made ArtA watercolor and graphic artist, Jane Andrle Gillette responded to Jan’s craigslist posting. Jane was in France taking an art class at the time but was eager to join up as soon as she got back to Port Aransas. “Wow,” thought Jan, “a real artist wants to partner with me!” (Jan calls herself a “crafty girl.”)

Jane was familiar with the space that Jan was eyeing and when she heard Jan’s plans, Jane thought, “Wow, that will be perfect!” She signed on right away.

Island Made Art got launched in the suite now occupied by KustomInk but Jane and Jan had their heart set on the larger space next door. They would need more artists to share it with, though.

Acrylic artist Patti Yoachum’s children were grown and busy with their own lives. She found her creativity sparking and dreamed of working with other artists in a dedicated studio space. Patti happened to be Tarpon Street looking for the business that used to be in the space that Jan and Jane were using. She discovered Island Made Art and thought, “Wow! What these two women are doing is just what I had in mind!” She joined Island Made Art in July of 2012.

Ceramicist Debra Greenway is an adjunct professor teaching art appreciation part of the year at Cameron University in Oklahoma who wanted to increase the time that she spends in Port A. Finding Island Made Art on Facebook was “like a miracle”because it was just what she had been looking for. In January, 2013, she made Island Made Art a foursome.

Island Made ArtVisitors to the studio pick up on the wow! factor of the artists’ synergy as soon as they step in the door. The day that I was there doing the interview several groups of women stopped in and enthused over the various creations. The owner of the celebrated Polly Anna shrimp boat bought Jan’s “Surf and Turf” painting to give as a gift. Another group of four bought a painting of Jane’s that had been inspired by the ladies’ previous visit.

Now the Island Made Art artists want to make it possible for more women to tap into all that wow! to discover and express their own creativity. They’re launching the “Uncorked Paintbrush”—part party, party workshop. Guests are invited to bring a beverage of their choice, unleash their inner artist, enjoy an evening of fun and leave with a finished work of art. No artistic skills or training required because the artists will lend a hand and will provide the supplies. The cost of the workshop is $35 and space is limited. So, as the Island Made Artists say, “for reservations, questions or cocktail suggestions, call 512-619-5239.” The first Uncorked Paintbrush class is scheduled for Thursday, July 11 starting at“wine-thirty (6:30 p.m.) and will feature painting on fabric. Another is slated for July 18, 2013.

To learn more about Jane, Jan, Debra and Patti as well as the Uncorked Paintbrush, find them on Facebook. Or just come by the studio at 722 Tarpon Street, Suite F and catch some of the wow! for yourself. I’ll see you there.


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  2. Janet says:

    WOW, Devorah, you are the greatest!!! Thank you x a million!!

    • Janet says:

      Thank you Devorah. First off…I just finished reading your first novel, “The Lost King”. I loved it! A joyful reading experience. I will be ordering the next novel tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to come and visit us at Island Made Art. I know you don’t get paid much for what you do. Your article was more than we expected. I wish you all the best in all of your endeavours.
      You are one cool lady. Don’t be a stranger. Jan Dineen

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