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Novel news

Woo hoo, I received my first royalty payments for sales of my first published novel, The Lost King! It takes a while to get paid because there’s a time lag between the sale and the payment. Also, sales have to meet a … Continue reading

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Everything old is new again

Duckworth’s Antique and Furniture Shop, owned by Tiffany and Joe Duckworth, just opened March 4, 2012…more

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They like it! They really like it!

I am stoked. Wow! People are reading my novel, “The Lost King,” and liking it! I got a very encouraging comment on this blot and a great review on the page. ( has a few copies at a discount price if … Continue reading

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Every day’s a celebration

Since it first opened in 2005, Lisabella’s bistro has been about celebration for me…more

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It’s always wine o-clock here

Cruising down Commercial Street in Aransas Pass one day on my way from Port Aransas to Rockport, I spied “somethingsomethingsomethingWINERY.” Winery? In Aransas Pass? … more

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A Place for Everything

I spend a LOT of time on the Internet doing research for my business, for this blog, for my creative writing projects, for community group activities. I’ve got a list of Web site bookmarks that is as long as my … Continue reading

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Spring Break for the rest of us

Spring Break 2012 is almost here and kids on vacation from school will be flocking to warm-weather beaches…more

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