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I have a series, The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam, literary fantasy for you to enjoy. And you can get Book One, The Lost King, at a special price during this Holiday Ebook sale. So get started knowing that the story continues.

And while you’re checking out the sale, enter the giveaway for a chance to win a delightful Holiday Reader Gift Box.

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Your vote counts

Thank you so much for nominating The Zen Detective for The 50 Best Indie Books of 2017. Your nomination helped to put the Mystery/Thriller novel on the shortlist.
Now it’s time to vote for the win. Just click the badge below which will take you right to the ballot.

Last year, your votes named The Redoubt, Book Four of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam literary fantasy series as #35 out of 50 books in the entire international contest. You can do it again for The Zen Detective.The Zen Detective, a novel by Devorah Fox

I so appreciate your support. These last few months of recovering from the disaster wrought by Hurricane Harvey have been stressful but your support and encouragement have kept me propped up. Let’s end the year on a high note and get The Zen Detective named as The Best Indie Book of 2017! Vote now! And thank you so much.

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Halloween treat (no tricks)

Just in time for Halloween, here’s, Dream Hardware, a short story that I wrote about an emergency run to the hardware store. Or is it?

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Cold as ice

Author Julie MulhernI’m Dee-lighted to give you a chance to know Julie Mulhern, author of Cold as Ice.  Welcome, Julie.

What’s the story behind your book title?

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and been transported back to a moment in your past? First kiss? All I need do is hear “Black Coffee in Bed” by Squeeze and I’m there. “The Year of the Cat” makes me think of Susan Cooper’s wonderful children’s books—the song was on the radio A LOT the year I read them.

Writing a mystery series set in the 70s, it seemed only natural to incorporate 70s music. “Cold as Ice” was released in 1977 and seemed like the perfect title for a book in which someone is murdered by being locked in a freezer.

I totally get that! For me, “Black Coffee in Bed” happens to be evocative of a specific moment in my life, and I often feel that I could get an entire novel out of “On Every Street.”
What’s the basic plot of your book or series?

I try so hard not to be repetitive but I do write murder mysteries. In each book, someone is murdered. In each book, my unlucky heroine, Ellison Russell, finds a body (or two) (or three). In each book, Ellison’s mother, Frances Walford, bemoans her daughter’s propensity for finding bodies. And, in each book, Ellison unmasks a killer.

Along the way, Ellison has juggled two suitors (she’s down to one), a teenage daughter (with all the angst and fun that goes with that age), and a coffee addiction (and who says writers don’t put parts of themselves into their characters?).

Which is your favorite character and why?

Mr. Coffee, because I’m a sucker for the strong, silent type. And coffee. I’m a sucker for coffee.

Oh, me too. If Mother Nature hadn’t invented coffee, I would have had to.
Have you used any real events or places as inspiration for your writing?

 I write the Country Club Murders and in Kansas City, Missouri, where my series is set, there is a Country Club District. Ellison makes frequent trips to the Country Club Plaza. She runs her dog in Loose Park (which used to be a country club golf course). And, she visits real hotels, restaurants, and theaters.

In Clouds in my Coffee there is a scene with a mouse. It might be the funniest scene I’ve ever written and it happened. Sure, I changed a few things but the basic story came from a manager who saw the mouse leap at a patron. It was too good a story not to use.

In Cold as Ice, Ellison’s daughter, Grace, has a party that gets out of control. That too was inspired by actual events (giving you the stink-eye, youngest daughter).

What are you working on now?

Right now I am working on book seven of the Country Club Murders—almost done. The book is at the stage where I’m not sure if it’s the best thing I’ve ever written or absolute drivel.

After that, I’ll be finishing up a short story told from Ellison’s housekeeper Aggie’s point of view.

When the short story is complete, I have an idea for a new series I’d like to play with for a few months before I start work on the eighth Country Club Murder.

Ah, the First Draft Terrors. I know them well. 
What do you do when you have writers’ block?

 If I am stuck (and sometimes if I’m not stuck), I write long hand. The act of putting pen to paper usually gets the creative juices flowing.

These days I do almost all my first-draft writing in longhand. Sometime ago I read about a study showing that writing longhand forms different connections in the brain than keyboarding does. Works for me.
Quick quiz:

Favorite food: Toast (I mean it) and coffee.

Silliest saying: I don’t think I have one.

Best holiday spot: Anywhere as long as my family is there.

Favorite song at the moment: I listen to a lot of seventies music. A lot. And jazz. Recently I had the station set on Sirius jazz and heard “Forest Flower Sunrise/Sunset” by Charles Lloyd. I arrived at my destination, sat in my car, and listened to every note. Together, “Sunrise” and “Sunset” are eighteen minutes long—so I sat for while. Right now, they’re my favorites.

With writing, are you a plotter or (seat-of-your) pantser? Is both a viable answer? I like to know where I’m going but I don’t require a road map to get there.

Number one thing to do on your bucket list: I don’t have a bucket list but it is so tempting to say I’d like to spend a summer writing in an Irish cottage, or spend a year in Paris, or climb some mountain. Maybe something more exotic (my children say I’m boring) like sail across the Pacific or follow the Nile to its source (neither of which is remotely appealing to me). I think I’ll go with the Irish cottage.

Cold As Ice by Julie Mulhern

Cozy Mystery
6th in Series
Henery Press (October 17, 2017)
ISBN-13: 978-1635112672
E-Book ASIN: B07481MPV2

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Thanks, author Kasper Beaumont. I so enjoyed when you interviewed me that I borrowed the questions for this interview with Julie.

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Ancient secrets and present-day intrigue

The Ninja’s Illusion (A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery)
by Gigi Pandian

The Ninja’s Illusion (A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery)
5th in Series
Supernatural Cozy Mystery
Henery Press (October 3, 2017)
Paperback 257 pages
ISBN13: 9781635112511
E-Book ASIN: B073R141MQ

A fabled illusion performed by a stage magician who claims to possess real supernatural powers. A treasure from the colonial era in India when international supremacies vied for power. A phantom trading ship lost over 200 years ago. And a ninja whose murderous intentions in present-day Japan connect the deeds of a long-dead trader who was much more than he seemed…

When Jaya travels from San Francisco to Japan with her stage magician best friend Sanjay—a.k.a. The Hindi Houdini—for his Japanese debut, she jumps at the chance to pursue her own research that could solve a tantalizing centuries-old mystery.

With the colorful autumn leaves of historic Kyoto falling around her, Jaya soon loses sight of what’s real and what’s a deception. A mysterious ninja attempts sabotage on Sanjay’s trick, along with Japan’s most controversial magician, Akira. Ancient folklore blurs the lines between illusion and reality when a magician’s assistant appears to be a kitsune, a mythical fox spirit. As tricks escalate to murder, Jaya and her friends must unravel secrets hidden in the ancient capital of Japan, before one of their own becomes the next victim.

About The Author

USA Today bestselling author Gigi Pandian is the child of cultural anthropologists from New Mexico and the southern tip of India. She spent her childhood being dragged around the world, and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gigi writes the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt mysteries, the Accidental Alchemist mysteries, and locked-room mystery short stories. Gigi’s fiction has been awarded the Malice Domestic Grant and Lefty Awards, and been nominated for Macavity and Agatha Awards. Sign up for her email newsletter at

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Secrets revealed

Indie Author MastermindI finally had a chance to dig into the Indie Author Mastermind course and took the first lesson in the BuzzBuilder Bootcamp. I thought I knew everything there was to know about the amazon author page and Author Central but I learned new tricks and found out about a helpful resource.  And, secrets of the ever-mysterious topic of Categories were revealed.

I’m looking forward to the next lesson.

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Trouble brewing

My mom was from Pittsburgh, so I just had to share about Joyce Tremel’s book, set in the that Steel City.

A Room with a Brew (A Brewing Trouble Mystery)
by Joyce Tremel

A Room with a Brew (A Brewing Trouble Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Berkley (October 3, 2017)
Mass Market Paperback: 288 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0425277713

It’s Oktoberfest in Pittsburgh, and brewpub owner Maxine “Max” O’Hara is prepping for a busy month at the Allegheny Brew House. To create the perfect atmosphere for the boozy celebration, Max hires an oompah band. But when one of the members from the band turns up dead, it’s up to Max to solve the murder before the festivities are ruined.

Adding to the brewing trouble, Candy, Max’s friend, is acting suspicious… Secrets from her past are fermenting under the surface, and Max must uncover the truth to prove her friend’s innocence. To make matters worse, Jake’s snooty ex-fiancée shows up in town for an art gallery opening, and she’ll be nothing but a barrel of trouble for Max.


About The Author

Joyce Tremel was a police secretary for ten years and more than once envisioned the demise of certain co-workers, but settled on writing as a way to keep herself out of jail. She is a native Pittsburgher and lives in a suburb of the city with her husband.

Her debut mystery, To Brew Or Not To Brew was nominated for the 2015 Reviewers’ Choice award for Best Amateur Sleuth by RT Book Reviews. The second book in the series, Tangled Up In Brew was released in October 2016 and chosen as a “Top Pick” by RT Book Reviews. It was the winner of the 2016 Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Amateur Sleuth. It was also named one of the Best Books of 2016 by Kings River Life Magazine.

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Blown away

Hurricane HarveyA few days after my end-of-August post, Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 storm on the south Texas Gulf Coast. I had to evacuate. It was weeks before the area was deemed safe enough to return. Roads had to be cleared of debris and fallen power poles. Power, water, and other services such as the Internet had to be restored.

Over a month later, the city of Port Aransas and I are struggling to reemerge. Some areas of the city were devastated and face many more weeks of debris removal and rebuilding. My home and office sustained damage. Most of it was exterior and unlike so many others, I was able to regain occupancy and begin the slow process of returning to normal.

My cats are doing a much better job than I. Once they found themselves in familiar surroundings, they resumed napping in their favorite spots and turning up their noses at their food if I failed to offer the correct flavor. All’s right with their world.

I, however, am finding it difficult to resume my routine. I may have returned from sojourning in various temporary housing arrangements but my Muse has not. The 134-mile-per-hour hurricane gusts seem to have blown out my creative flame. Many have suggested that we’re all suffering from some degree of post traumatic stress disorder. As my sister put it, “Of course you are. Your city was attacked.”

I’m exploring a variety of techniques to rekindle my creativity and syllable by slow syllable, they seem to be working. Although I have several works-in-progress that I’d like to get back to, I started two new short stories inspired by recent events, and I’m kicking around ideas for a National Novel Writing Month project. I hope to have enough energy to participate in NaNoWriMo this November. It would be my 7th writing marathon.

Over the weeks that I’ve been out of touch, I feel that I’ve lost connection with the readers who have enjoyed my work. It’s almost as though I have to start all over to form those links. To that end, I’m going back to school. I’ll be taking the Indie Author Mastermind courses which offer a simple, actionable plan to restart my promotional efforts and help me to reestablish my presence in the book-loving world.

IAM was developed by none other than Alesha Escobar, an Amazon bestselling author with over 10,000 ebooks sold, as well as a bestseller at B&N, Kobo, and iBooks. Alesha’s learned what to do and what NOT to do when publishing and promoting books and is sharing that expertise through the IAM courses.

I’ll share my experience as I work through the course material. I always was a good student and I like to learn, so I’m excited to get started. Meanwhile, you can check out the curriculum and see what I’m getting into here.


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Time is on your side

This is apropos of absolutely nothing. But I learned something new today and it was so clever that I just had to share it.

I had a quartz battery replaced in one of my watches. As the jeweler returned it, he said, “To save battery life, power off the watch when you don’t need it. Just pull out the stem.”

He did that and sure enough, the watch stopped ticking. He pushed the stem back into the normal position and the watch started ticking again.

Of course, if you power off the watch, it won’t keep time. Once you power it back on you’ll have to reset the time.

Since I have about 15 watches and wear only one at a time, I will definitely start doing this. Once I get all the dead batteries replaced. Thanks, Steve’s Custom Jewelers, for the tip.

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Dragonblood Throne: Legacy

Inky, my pet dragonMy pet dragon, Inky, thinks this one sounds like an interesting read:




Orphaned as a young child and growing up alone in the forest, Delina lives a life of isolation; her only companion a saber-toothed panther. Her strange eyes frighten those she occasionally encounters, so she keeps to herself, until a young, wounded warrior ends up at her doorstep. As she nurses him back to health, she discovers she is more than just a young woman with unusual eyes, she is a dragonblood, destined to become the ruler of Almar.

Now hunted by the dark sorcerer who murdered her father, usurped his throne, and killed all her kin, she must find out how she can release the essence of the dragon inside her to defeat him. Everything depends upon her willingness to embrace her legacy and reclaim the Dragon Throne.

Excerpt from Dragonblood Throne: Legacy, by Tom Fallwell

Copyright © 2017 by Tom Fallwell – All Rights Reserved

Ignoring the two scribes fidgeting nervously behind him, Kargoth anxiously watched the cosmic tableau of the moons unfold in the darkened sky from his balcony. The rare, lunar eclipse was only moments away from its apex, the new moon phase of Tibel almost centered within the bright ring of Sianor behind it.

While he would never admit it, not even to himself, Kargoth was fearful as he waited to see if the prophecy was true, if there would be a sign indicating a dragonblood still lived in Almar. The words of that prophecy played continually in his mind as he waited with bated breath.

Ring of the heavens,

Ring shining bright.

Darkness the lesser

Than greater moon’s light.

When the ring glows bright

As the moons above turn,

Blood shows the sign

Of the dragons return.

A dragon reborn

From an innocent child.

The power will grow

As emotions run wild.

The dragon will rise

When all hope seems lost.

All evil will pay

The dragonblood’s cost.

The dragonblood comes,

The darkness will die.

The dragon wings spread

And the dragon will fly.

“Here it comes,” Kargoth said, never removing his gaze from the moons. “Now we’ll see if there is any truth to this prophecy.”

The scribes trembled, fearing their High Lord’s wrath, as Tibel firmly centered itself in front of Sianor. The light in the night lessened momentarily as Tibel covered much of Sianor’s full and bright splendor.

The slim circle of light around Tibel began to burn brightly, becoming a brilliant glowing ring in the night sky. For a moment, the scholars hoped that perhaps the prophecy was false, but a red glow began to fill the darkness of Tibel. It was as if some celestial being had poured a bowl of blood into the mold of the darkened Tibel, now glowing with a red, unearthly light. The eclipse became a white circle filled with a blood-red glow.

The prophecy was true! It was a sign of blood! Of dragonblood!

The scribes slowly backed away from the balcony in fear, anticipating the wrath of their lord. They could almost hear Kargoth’s rage brewing inside him as he suddenly turned on them, his steel eyes boring into their souls.

“It’s true! That beast, Jeraldin, had another child!” His anger turned on the two robed figures. “You should have known this sooner! You impotent cretins!”

He raised both hands in front of him, palms outward. The terrified scribes turned to run, but it was too late. A dark fiery energy streamed from both his hands, as jets of black, searing flame engulfed the two men. Their horrifying screams of agony echoed throughout the chamber and into the halls beyond as their bodies were consumed by the deadly power Kargoth had loosed upon them. Within seconds, only smoldering piles of ash remained on the floor.

Dropping his hands in frustration, a deep and tortured frown peeked from the shadows of his hood. Kargoth stormed toward the throne room door. “Guards! Guards! Get my generals! Now!”

Whoever this dragonblood was, Kargoth had to make sure they never lived long enough to be a threat to his power. He would scour the entire kingdom and find this dragonblood. He couldn’t allow one of their kind to live.


Early in life, Tom Fallwell discovered a love for fantasy and science-fiction, delighting in the wonderful escape into realms undreamed of. Weaned on the greats like J.R.R. Tolkien, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert E. Howard, Roger Zelazny, Robert A. Heinlein, and Michael Moorcock, just to name a few, Tom’s imagination was forever inspired by those marvelous tales.

One day, he discovered a simple book of rules called ‘Chainmail’, by Gary Gygax, and found a new love: the love of creating adventures and stories of his own. ‘Chainmail’ evolved into ‘Dungeons & Dragons’, and Tom played consistently with friends as both a player and a dungeon master (DM) for decades. Such activities helped him develop his ability to create worlds and stories for other players to enjoy.

Now retired from his long career as a software developer, Tom writes all the adventures and characters that constantly fill his mind and shares them with the world.





Rangers of Laerean Series:

Dragonblood Throne Series:

Where to buy





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