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Elizabeth LavenderI really must introduce you to an author whose books will appeal to readers of SciFi and Fantasy. Meet Elizabeth Lavender.

About Elizabeth Lavender

 Elizabeth Lavender is the author of the Sunspear series. The first book in the sci-fi series is called The Spinning of Deception and the second book is Deception’s Hold. Originally from the Alabama coast, she currently lives in the Dallas area with her husband, Jeff, and her two children. She has a Master’s degree in counseling from Dallas Baptist University and has studied psychology and English. She enjoys science fiction and fantasy and hopes to bring some of that same enjoyment to others. She also enjoys suspense novels as well. However, as long as the storyline is intriguing, she will give it a try. Her reading spans from Les Miserables to Shakespeare to the Percy Jackson series to anything written by Ted Dekker or Frank Perretti. She works full-time and has been at the same company for over twenty years happily. She is a huge football fan and has a decent throwing arm, despite what her oldest son says when he practices throwing the football with her. Although she enjoys Texas, she does love going home to Alabama to visit. Besides visiting family and friends, it is nice to be back near the water again, where the seafood is the best.

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About those books

The Spinning of Deception by Elizabeth Lavender

The Spinning of Deception

Book 1 of The Sunspear Series

Publication date: October 25, 2019   Amazon AISN: B07ZLS4HL1  Pages: 371

A galaxy faces the cruel and growing threat of a powerful Dark Lord and his second in charge, the Black Dragon Commander. A group of warriors known as the sunspearbearers, trained by the Elders, lead against the fight. On one world, the young spearbearer Dante fights against the imminent evil, and on another world a young girl secretly trains in the ways of the sunspear. A race begins to discover the unknown dagger the Dark Lord is creating aimed at the heart of everything the two spearbearers and their comrades hold dear.

Then a tragic event from the past has the power to change the present shadow looming and will bring the two spearbearers’ worlds together in a mysterious way. However, even as the truth revealed may provide the key to unlocking the approaching terror, it also brings a deadly task that must be completed if there is any hope of stopping the Dark Lord.

Available in Kindle Ebook, Hardcover, and Paperback.

This book is enrolled in Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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 Deception's Hold by Elizabeth Lavender

Deception’s Hold

Book 2 of The Sunspear Series

Publication date: March 9, 2020   Amazon AISN: B085PV3GQP  Pages: 419

The Dark Lord and the Black Dragon Commander, who is firmly at his side, continue their blitz attack of the colonies, spreading terror throughout the galaxy. Yet they hide a far larger threat which comes ever closer to fruition, one the Dark Lord promises will have the colonies flowing with blood. Two spearbearers, the young man, Dante, and a mysterious young girl, find themselves in the center of the battle to stop the threat drawing closer. Along with a galaxy in turmoil, Dante finds himself in unescapable inner chaos. The task placed on him from the revelation could cause more pain than the Dark Lord’s terror if Dante fails or be the salvation needed if he can succeed. In another part of the galaxy, the young girl fights an ever-increasing dangerous battle, trying with her comrade to discover the threat the Dark Lord has masterminded against the galaxy before time runs out. She’s fighting her own inner battle as her fear for Dante’s fate haunts her as the day approaches, as the Darkness creeps closer to him. As Dante and the girl prepare with their comrades to face the deception of the Dark Lord, their worlds will be brought together on a battlefield like none they have encountered. The fate that awaits is far worse than death at the end of a sword. It is the Darkness and a horrifying bondage worse than death that comes with it. They must find a way together to keep it from breaking their spirit to pieces, taking what they hold most dear forever.

Available in Kindle Ebook, Hardcover, and Paperback.

This book is enrolled in Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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