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Are you kids back in school? Sure they’re busy learning but here are suggestions about what they can learn at home too.

Four Small Ways to Teach Your Kids How to Take on Responsibility

Kids learn the most from their parents in a safe, positive home environment. That said, teaching your kids how to be responsible is one of the most important things you can do for their futures. Not sure where to begin? Take notes from the following article on four small ways to teach your kids how to be responsible/take on responsibility.

Assign Chores and Set Up a Rewards and Consequences System

Chores for kids are little things around the house that they are in charge of taking care of. Dependent on age, chores could be anything from feeding the pets, to washing the car, to sweeping the kitchen, and keeping their bedroom tidy and organized.

When you feel the time is right for your kiddo to take on some responsibilities, assign them a small list of everyday, or weekly, chores, with a visible rewards and consequences system. Use stickers, magnets, or markers on a chart that adds up what they do, or don’t do, over the course of 7 days. It’s a classic method, but effective.

Be a Role Model of Responsibility

Your children look to you for guidance, so guide them with your own example. Don’t put off your own responsibilities. Instead, meet your obligations head on and get them done to show your kids what being responsible is all about.

Include a Lesson on Respect and Compassion with Volunteer Work as a Family

Compassion and respect go hand-in-hand with being responsible. As a family, encourage your kids to help others and take on a role of responsibility in your community with volunteer work. Help out at a soup kitchen on the weekends, hand out food gift baskets to sheltered elderly neighbors, gather blanket donations for animal shelters, or simply do random good deeds throughout the day.

Be Realistic About Your Expectations of Your Children

Don’t expect your child to give up being a kid to take on their fair share of responsibilities. Understand that they can be both responsible and still a youngster, which means rebelling against chores sometimes. Use a good consequences system, like no chores = no electronics, to show them that being responsible and getting work done comes before fun and games.

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