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I’m rather fond of Steampunk and hope to write in that genre one of these days. If you’re not familiar with it, this guest post by author A. Star provides a great introduction.

From what I’ve learned in all of my research is that Steampunk has many interpretations. But mostly, it is about visualizing the nineteenth century in a more advanced light. A delightful blend of history and science fiction.

Most Steampunk books take place in the Victorian era, which is a time period where technology first spread its wings and started to really fly. Things once deemed impossible came to fruition and the Steampunk genre takes that to the next level: taking things such as computers and robotics, and making them a normal part of Victorian society.

Steampunk is inspired by the use of steam technology and how it transformed the modern Victorian era. It’s fun to reimagine nineteenth century technology with the capabilities of some of the more modern devices we enjoy. And then there is the fashion! Never have I seen an era so tailored to expressing individuality. It’s amazing really.

To me, Steampunk is a sub-genre of not only Science Fiction, but of Fantasy as well. The use of imagination and implementation of things and characters that don’t actually exist is at the heart of what the fantasy genre is all about. It’s about creating a world that pushes the limits between the possible and impossible. So when I’m asked how is Steampunk different from Fantasy, my answer is, “It’s not.”

The Djinn Order series takes place in modern Boston, but also in a fantasy world that I feel totally embodies the Steampunk genre. Magic plays a major role in the series as we are dealing with Djinn and that just adds a whole other layer of fun and wonder. As is true to all of my other books, I do put my own spin on what is “Steampunk” in this world while still trying to stay true to the genre and period that inspired it. I don’t swear up and down that I always hit the mark, but if I even got close, then that’s an accomplishment in my eyes.

More about author A. Star

A. Star is a fan of dirty passion. She loves to read it, and she damn sure loves to write it. She is the author of the Mythos: Gods & Lovers series, the Djinn Order series, and the Knights of the Joust series. She is a night-owl and a coffee junkie, and the only sneaker she would be caught dead wearing are Converses.

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Wish for MeMore about the book Wish for Me:

Three wishes. Two lovers. One destiny.

When the snarky Glory St. Pierre discovers the gold mechanical vase in her deceased grandmother’s basement, she has no idea that she has uncovered a priceless treasure: a genie lamp. With a real genie inside. A very sexy genie with a not-so-sexy grudge against the entire human race.

Irving Amir hates being called a genie. He’s a Djinn, and he is none too happy to be in the service of Glory, who is as intolerable, and beautiful, as humans come. Now he owes her his gratitude for freeing him and three wishes. Damn his luck.

But an arrow through the shoulder alerts Irving to the fact that he is being hunted, and after a truce dinner with Glory ends with them both almost being killed, hating each other goes right out the window. As feelings change and love starts to develop, they must dig through the secrets and lies to find the truth…a truth neither of them will ever see coming.

WARNING: Not suitable for ages 18 and under. A significant source of bad language, sexy times, and dirty jokes. If you suffer from a lack of a sense of humor, take with plenty of wine. If the symptom persists, see a doctor.

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