All That (WORD) Jazz

Experience hearing a book excerpt, short story or poem in the voice of the person who wrote it. The Rockport Writers Group will hold its fourth annual Rockport Writers RoundUp Saturday, Feb, 28, 2015, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m at the Estelle Stair Gallery at 406 South Austin Street in Rockport.

Members of the RWG will read selections of their work as well as be on hand to sign copies of their books for you and answer questions.

In the past, this event has been held in June. This year the group moved it to earlier on the calendar so that winter visitors would have a chance to attend.

Rockport Writer Group President John Howell will open the program with a brief introduction to the RWG which has been in existence since 1988. Members are writers who practice writing as a craft and want to improve their skill and technique with the goal of being published. They meet twice a month to share what they’ve learned about writing and to encourage each other in the development of writing skills. An important function of the RWG is the “read-and-critique.” Writers can bring their work to share and get constructive criticism.

The selections for the Roundup represent just about every genre: history and mystery, children’s and young adult books, memoir and fantasy.

  • Pat Chapman   TEA ON THE GREAT WALL  Memoir excerpt
  • Roger Larimore  THE LIAR’S TABLE  Short Story
  • Jackie Baird  ANNIE’S PORTION  Novel excerpt
  • Kay Butzin   PASSAGE  Flash Fiction
  • Joan Isaacks  MY SECRET  Memoir excerpt
  • Mark Waters  THREE DAYS IN HEAVEN  Novel excerpt
  • Woody Davis   THE GLORIOUS MR. JONES  Short story
  • Mary Wallace   THE WEDDING  Novel excerpt
  • Skoot Larson  INSIDE OUT  Word jazz

The King's RedressYours truly will read an excerpt from my latest release, THE KING’S REDRESS, Book Three in my literary fantasy series.

During the program you’ll have a chance to ask questions like “how long did it take to write that?” and “where do you get your ideas?”

Reading aloud and even listening is thirsty work so member Mark Waters has whipped up some wassail to share and there will also be light refreshments.

Now about that “word jazz.” What is that, you ask. Skoot Larson’s “word jazz” harkens back to the Beat Generation and the work of Ken Nordine. In popular Chicago radio programs like “The World’s Great Novels,” recording artist Nordine combined poetry and music, reciting his work backed by a jazz group. So don your shades, your black beret and come ready to channel your inner beatnik.

For more information about the Rockport Writers Group, send an email to or visit the group’s page on Facebook, For more information about the Estelle Stair Gallery, call 361 (463-1059). I’ll see you there.


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