What keeps Elsa going?

 Addicted to Heroines Blog Tour 2014We caught up with Elsabetha Ehlers, heroine of Samantha LaFantasie’s Nepherium novella series, on the Addicted to Heroines Blog Tour.

Struggling to regain her memory after a traumatic event, Elsa doesn’t know who or what to trust but we were able to get her to open up to us.

Elsa, what do you think is people’s first expression of you?

I think the first thing people think is, “What happened to that poor girl?” Then try to be overly nice to me when they discover that I’ve lost my memories. It’s frustrating. I’m not a damsel in distress and coddling me doesn’t help. Making connections does.

Do you have any best friends?

Yes! I wouldn’t be where I am now without my team. Each person has been there for me, although no one means more to me than Noah. But it’s hard to put a specific value on the people you consider your family.

Does trouble always know where to find you? If it seems that way, why do you suppose that is?

Trouble does find me. I wish I knew. The answer has to be somewhere in my missing memories. I’m getting closer to remembering though. Little bits and pieces continue to come back to me, disjointed and scattered, but still coming back. Nothing that is of importance. Yet. 

What is your motto in life?

Caelum est semper infra praedominare. It means, heaven is always within reach. I don’t know why, but there is a meaning there that I haven’t remembered yet. I just know that there is a pull with this. Something that gives me hope and keeps me

You’re struggling with recovering your memory but you remember some things. What is one thing you learned that you never will forget?

There is something big that I remember in Echoes of Memories. That will be hard to forget. And once you read it, you’ll know why. But besides that, my first date with Noah, my first day at the Academy. Some of the times that give me hope I’ll someday be whole again.

What’s your most prized possession and why is it so important?

My teddy bear and my necklace. Both given to me by Noah. The bear is what Noah won for me on our first date. That was the day that I knew I couldn’t love anyone else.

What’s your idea for a perfect day?

Depends on what you mean by perfect day. Weather wise, I love the rain. I love remembering the good moments, those sometimes make my days more perfect than others. Rekindling friendships and getting back to my old routine. Continuing on my mission by getting one step closer to finding Alexander…

Some stranger says something about you that he/she heard. Is it good or bad? How do you react?

I would probably react with determination and be somewhat threatening to find that out who said it, but more than likely it would be a step to figuring out who I was before the accident. If it’s negative, it will probably give me a clue about Alexander or the Aagrarians. Either to throw me off track or pointing me in the right direction. If it’s good, I would beg to know more. Anything to know me again.

What is your greatest fear?

That I will fail. Fail at finding all my memories, and fail at stopping whatever it is that Alexander is planning to do to the world. Because I know with every thread of my being, it’s not good. And I’m afraid of regardless of the outcome, I will be left behind in some way or form. I don’t know why.

If you could change anything in the world, what would you change?

I never thought about it. I was taught never to live with regrets; that everything happens for a reason. Whether that reason is good or bad, there’s a lesson to learn from. A way to grow and become wiser. I can only keep moving forward and take my experiences with me.

Get to know Elsabetha even better in the Nepherium series of novellas and look for the third installment, Echoes of Memories, slated for publication later this year.


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