Indie authors entertain troops with mass book donation

Indie Author Promotions Military Book DonationTwenty independent authors from across the United States have come together to show their support of those serving in the military overseas, announced Gordon Vivace, facilitator of Indie Author Promotions and author of Quoth the Booby, his humorous perspective on everything from parenting to politics, economics to education and travel to trials. The authors contributed two copies each of their works to be made available to the servicemen and women.

The mass donation of books from various genres was the brainchild of yours truly, Devorah Fox, an Indie AP member and author of the literary fantasies The Lost King and The King’s Ransom. “We were inspired to do this by author James Patterson’s recent giveaway of 200,000 of his titles to military members stationed in the U.S. and Afghanistan.” said Fox. “We’re independent authors not affiliated with a large publishing house. While we’re not in a position to ship out a pallet-load of books, we liked the idea of showing our support for our servicemen and women in this personal way. We hope our work will entertain them during their down time.”

The Indie Author Promo members compiled a collection of humor and science fiction books, thrillers, romances, fantasies and memoirs to provide the troops with a refreshing virtual respite from their important and challenging work. The participating authors contributed two copies each of their books.

In putting together the donation, Vivace discovered that postal regulations required that the books be shipped to a specific individual. Over Labor Day weekend 2013, Vivace shipped out the box of books weighing over 50 pounds to a 401st Army Field Support Brigade service member who is involved with the local Army “library.” The soldiers will have permanent access to the books.

The contributed books and their authors are:

Personal Baggage – Margaret McMillion
Pie – Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo
Where There Is No Comfort, Seven Days in Ethiopia – Juliann Troi
The Dragonfly Saga – Juliann Troi
The Lost King – Devorah Fox
The King’s Ransom – Devorah Fox
Heart Song – Samantha LaFantasie
Death Storm – GS Wright
Broken Things – GS Wright
Separate Truth – Michael McManus
Framed But Not Forgotten – Michael McManus
Mistress – Jessica Flaska
Captured – Jessica Flaska
Quoth The Booby – Gordon Vivace
He Walks With Dragons – Stanley Thornton
Dangerous Zeros – John Marshall Mills
Four Fathers, For Whom The Book Tells – George Pritchard Harris
Freefall – Linda Howell Betz
Love’s Second Chance – R. M. James

For a variety of reasons many authors including acclaimed award-winners choose to stay away from mainstream publishers and remain independent. Through Indie Author Promotions, over 100 authors collaborate to publicize and promote each others’ works and make them readily available via the Web site at


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  1. Let’s hope things cool off enough so our troops can spend more quality time with a book in their hands.

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