9 “Lost” Inventions That Could Come In Handy Today – Tested

A tidbit about “Greek Fire,” which comes into play in “The King’s Redress,” 9 “Lost” Inventions That Could Come In Handy Today – Tested.

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Talk of many things

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax– Of cabbages–and kings…” Lewis Carroll, “The Walrus and the Carpenter” in Through the Looking Glass

Live chat with Sally EmberI’ll be talking about many things when I chat live with Sally Ember, Ed. D.,Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015.

We’ll start at 9 a.m. CST. It’s a Google+ Hangout so you can listen in, even comment.

I doubt that Sally and I will talk of cabbages and sealing wax but you might guess that the subject of kings (as in King Bewilliam) will come up.

Sally is an author too. Check out her Spanners series and other works. I ‘m sure we’ll talk about books, writing and publishing, but that’s not all. This is episode 18 of Sally’s CHANGES video chat series. You can check out archived episodes and see the wild tangents these chats have taken. For all I know cabbages and sealing wax may very well enter the conversation after all.

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Happy New Year

I hope 2015 is off to a great start for you. It is for me.

Naked Came the SharksNaked Came the Sharks has won Cold Coffee Cafe’s December 2014 Book Trailer Video Contest. Check out the Cafe’s home page. Scroll on down to the bottom of the home page for the link to the winning trailer. Then click any of the Purchase Links to buy the book in print or in ebook format.

The story is set in the Texas Coastal Bend during a hot summer. Those of you in cold climes might enjoy reading about the beach, margaritas and temps in the 90s right about now.

Thank you, Cold Coffee Cafe, and thanks to Kelly Brown whose Song of the Ocean makes the trailer extra special and to Alan White of The Bad Monkeys for getting Kelly involved.

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A magical season

For many folks this season has an element of magic to it, what with elves crafting gifts to fulfill wish lists overnight and all.

The Warrior's Curse by Alexandra ButcherIf it’s not magical enough you could add a little with a story by Alexandra Butcher. Tales of Erana: The Warrior’s Curse is a short story of monsters, magic and mayhem set in the mythical world of Erana. When three adventurers stumble into a mysterious cave they find far more than treasure. Dark secrets, forgotten magic and avarice abound in this tale within a tale.

The Tales of Erana are mythic tales set in a world where magic is illegal and elves are enslaved. It is a dark world, and one of contrasts and contradictions. Freedom is relative and can be bought and sold. Law is a lie and truth unwelcome, in a world run by tyranny and misinformation.  This is the world of the Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles, an adventure filled with magic, romance, revenge and intrigue.

Warrior’s Curse should be in audio format next year but meanwhile you can get the ebook version on Kindle US  or Kindle UK. You can get the Tales in other ebook formats on smashwords. com and if you use this link  you can get the Tales at a special discount price: 99¢. Enter coupon code AX98D when you check out.

Because Alexandra wants to make this season especially magical you can also get Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles and The Shining Citadel for 50% off:

Light Beyond The Storm Chronicles, promotional price: $1.63, Coupon Code: HD98R

The Shining Citadel, promotional price: $1.75, Coupon Code: FU28E
The codes expire January 22, 2015 so don’t dally.

Alexandra has plans to celebrate Jan. 16, 2015. So that you don’t miss a minute, keep up with Alexandra at www.libraryoferana.wordpress.com

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Meet Chris Pavesic

I am delighted to have a chance to introduce you to Chris Pavesic whose novel, The Caelimane Operation, is scheduled for release on January 16, 2015 by Musa Publishing.
The Caelimane Operation by Chris Pavesic

The Caelimane Operation

When the Temples to the Goddess north of Southwatch are burned and followers of Dione are murdered, Hierocrat Catherine, a bard of the Caelimane Temple, sets out to find those responsible and to bring them to justice.  With only the help of a traveling group of minstrels and a retired fae investigator, Catherine must solve the mystery before more people are killed, but will she succeed when she finds herself pitted against members of her own Temple, rogue members of the Seelie Court, and a seemingly unstoppable army of undead?

About the Darkside Codex

The Caelimane Operation is part of Musa Publishing’s Darkside Codex, a shared world series with a steampunk setting.  Although steampunk forms the basis, the novels in the series explore science fiction, high fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, paranormal, romance, mystery, and noir themes.  At the center of each story is the city of Southwatch and the dark cloud (a toxic stew of chemicals and pollution) that bisects not only the city, but the people who live in it.  Segregation is quite literally built into the structure of the city with the rich and the powerful citizens living “sunside” while the poor and downtrodden live beneath the dark cloud.

The higher up you are in the city, the wealthier and more powerful you are.

You can learn more about this at www.chrispavesic.com

Leading up to the publication date there will be special posts, pictures, and contests.  Please check often to make sure you do not miss anything!

Chris Pavesic

About the Author

Chris Pavesic lives in the Midwestern United States and loves Kona coffee, steampunk, and all types of speculative fiction. Between writing projects, Chris can most often be found reading, gaming, gardening, working on an endless list of DIY household projects, or hanging out with friends. Keep in touch with Chris:

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Meet Daniel Ausema

Spire City: ContagionI’ve recently made the acquaintance of author Daniel Ausema who is involved in an exciting project, a serialized work. Spire City is now in its second season (more detail on that at the end).

Characters Chels and reporter Kyner Banotosh meet up in Episode 9 of Season One: Infected. Chels hopes the reporter Kyner Bantosh can help her get the truth out there. Let’s eavesdrop:

Reporter Kyner Bantosh: Welcome. Please state your name and tell me something about yourself.

Chels: I’m Chels. Well, Cheliriana actually. That’s what my mom named me. It’s a Neshini name, because that’s where she came from. But I’ve been Chels since she died three years ago. Something about me? Well, I’m Neshini too, I guess. Or at least half. I don’t know who my dad was.

Kyner: How old are you?

Chels: I’m, let’s see…I guess I turned fifteen a couple of months ago. We don’t really pay much attention to birthdays in the, the place where we live.

Kyner: And you wish to keep that place a secret. I understand. You seem uncomfortable, sitting down for this interview. Is anything wrong?

Chels: Oh, no. I mean, I’m not really used to having important people pay attention to me. We usually try to avoid notice, those of us who’ve been infected. We sneak around, looking for food and stuff, and mostly try not to be seen. Except by other street urchins and people we know are sympathetic to us.

Kyner: Is that because of your infection?

Chels: Yeah. When the first people started getting infected, they told others, hoping for sympathy. Hoping people would help them. That’s not what they got, though. People got scared, thought they might get sick too. Friends, former neighbors, even family turned on them. Attacked them and drove them away. I guess it was pretty bad. I’ve only heard about it.

Kyner: So tell us about the infection. What exactly does that mean?

Chels (releases a deep breath): It’s not contagious. Make sure that’s the first thing you write. It’s a serum, and if you get shot with one of the darts, then you get sick. It doesn’t quite work how it was engineered, we think. It was supposed to turn people quickly into animals. Pests, like. Rats and other things that can easily be disposed of without questions. It’s not usually that fast, though.

Kyner: Whoa, whoa. Engineered? You’re saying someone created this infection? That’s a big accusation.

Chels: It is.

Kyner: OK, we’ll come back to that, then. Keep going with the infections themselves.

Chels: So we each have some animal characteristics. Some people a lot, like dog fur all over their bodies and mouths that look like snouts. Some just a little, a hint of mouse whiskers or, like, little feathers growing in their hair. I have these beetle antennae in my hair. And we might go for years with those little changes. Or usually we keep changing slowly, in fits and starts. And then one day we’ll suddenly…complete. Finish the transformation to an animal. That’s it, we’re dead. Not really dead, but might as well be. A mindless animal in the alleys or sewers or whatever, just waiting for a rat-catcher to snag us in his traps.

Kyner: That’s awful. Completing. How long have you been infected? And did you already know about the serum before that?

Chels: I did. When my mom died, I found a group of people willing to take me in. They were, almost all of them, infected. I avoided it for over a year. So I guess it was about a year ago that I was infected, or a little more. Just walking down the street in the rain, carrying a bag of food a kind person gave me. Anyone saw me, it was obvious I was a poor street urchin. Immigrant kid, no less. And that’s who they target. All the poor, jobless bums and urchins who are such a terrible drain on the city.

Kyner: Now I hear the anger as you say that. It must be a bitter reality. Are you ready to say who it is that’s targeting you?

Chels: Only the city’s most famous inventor, Orgood.

Kyner: Wait, that’s not who you accused in your letter. Let me see if I can find it. You accused a nameless group…

Chels: I know what I wrote. I was afraid you would be too scared to meet me if I accused him in writing. But that’s who it is. I don’t know if there are others behind him. Council members or factory owners or what. But he’s the one who created the serum, and he’s the one who sends out his people to shoot their darts at us on the streets.

Kyner: Wow. I…I don’t know whether I’ll be able to run this. But…wow. I’ll have to be careful. This is a lot to take in. I may need to meet up with you again to get all this sorted out.

Chels: Contact me the same way. I’ll try to find a time to meet again, if you need it. We just need this word out, need people to know the truth of what’s going on.

Kyner: I agree. I will do my best. Thank you for your time, Chels.

Chels: Thank you, Mr. Bantosh.


Spire City is home to mighty machines of steam power and clockwork, and giant beetles pull picturesque carriages over cobbled streets, but there is a darker secret behind these wonders. A deadly infection, created by a mad scientist, is spreading through the city, targeting the poor and powerless, turning them slowly into animals. A group of those infected by the serum join together to survive, to trick the wealthy out of their money, and to fight back.

Season One: Infected ran from November 2013 to August 2014, with a new episode every three weeks. Those thirteen episodes are now collected in two bundles, Contagion and Epidemic. Spire City Season Two: Pursued began serialization on November 28, 2014 with “Lady Janshi’s Acolyte.” Episode 2, “Williver’s Mistake” is out on December 19, 2014, and episodes will continue to be released through August 2015. Season Three: Unwoven will follow.

In addition to writing the Spire City series, Daniel Ausema is the author of The Electro-Addictive Moth-Flame, the second title in Musa’s shared world series The Darkside Codex. His short stories and poems have appeared and are forthcoming in Penumbra, Daily Science Fiction, The Journal of Unlikely Stories, Strange Horizons, and many other places. He has worked as a journalist and educator and is currently a stay-at-home dad. He lives in Colorado, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

For more information, visit his blog (http://danielausema.blogspot.com), follow him on Twitter (@ausema), and find his Spire City episodes and other works in the Musa Publishing catalog (http://musapublishing.com/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=38) and in most major online bookstores.

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Parties galore

It’s parties a go-go here at Word Central today.

In the Chalklands, King Bewilliam and his subjects are still celebrating his birthday. For a little longer you can get The King’s Redress at a bargain price.

Naked Came the Sharks by Jed Donellie and Devorah FoxThen I believe the king will slink away to sleep off an ale hangover but don’t despair, hard core party animals. Just sail on over to Bonafides on the Texas Coastal Bend and lift a margarita in toast to Holly and Rusty. They’re celebrating the anniversary of Naked Came the Sharks.

Author Jed Donellie and I will be making a year-end donation to a worthy veterans’ cause of a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book. You can make that donation bigger by buying a copy. Find Naked Came the Sharks in paperback, hardback or Kindle format at amazon.com  or in other epub formats like Nook at smashwords.com.

Party on!

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Author birthday bash

It’s author Ash Stone’s birthday this month but you can get the presents (don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win).


It’s Author Ash Stone’s Birthday this month. In fact, it’s on Christmas Day!! Please join us as we celebrate the author turning the big 4-0!!





Silka Fontein was a typical rich little girl until she disappeared 15 years ago, right after her high school graduation after party. What happened to her? No one knows where she went to or why she had left so suddenly. Now, after all these years she returns home, different and completely changed, with secrets so deadly that everyone’s lives are in danger!
She reunites with Taber Blake, her childhood friend who turned into the quintessential playboy. As they fight their unexpected attraction for one another, a series of action packed events have them fighting for their lives. It is then that Taber’s own lethal secrets are exposed in the process. Will their attraction be enough to survive the truth?

This mish-mash of action, adventure, comedy, romance, mystery, suspense and drama is spy thrilling, spine chilling read bound to keep you begging for more! Available in an Adult or PG rated version, you will have no reason not escape into their world and hearts.



Adult Version
PG Version


Ash was born on Christmas Day 1974. So started a life of “Merry Christmas…And oh! Happy Birthday too.” Before you say, “Aw Shame” and break out the tissues, please know that Ash is a Christmas Diva! There are always two presents …or else!
Reading and writing was a big part of Ash’s life growing up. Being a typical rebel, rather than joining the cut-throat corporate world after graduating, Ash became a vegetarian hippie instead and went into the gardening/ nursery business. The irony of a vegetarian “plant lover” is still lost this award winning Horticulturist to this day.
Ash traded comfortable hemp attire for corporate cotton later on and became the Purchasing Manager for McDonald’s Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa region. These days neither the high flying corporate Exec or the vegetarian hippie exist, but rather the family orientated book lover with not so much spare time to read anymore.
FOR THE AUTHOR’S FULL BIO GO TO: http://www.ash-stone.com

The eternal rebel loves to connect with fans (or “Stoneys!” as they
are lovingly referred to). So, go on and stalk away, you rebel you!



For the Capital D Playlist for video excerpts, book trailers and scene trailers go to:





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Happy birthday King Bewilliam

Here’s an interesting little factoid: most medieval people didn’t exactly celebrate their birthday; the celebrated their saint day, as in the saint for which they were named. However according to some sources, nobility did celebrate their personal birthday.

King Bewilliam was “born” on Dec. 14 with the publication of The Lost King. Even monarchs didn’t always hit the date of their birth right on the head so we’re marking this anniversary with a days’ long celebration, and special pricing on The King’s Redress, Book Three of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam. By virtue of his largesse it’s $2.99 today. What a guy.

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#HarbingerTour arrives in the Chalklands

Happy #birthday, King Bewilliam, who was officially “born” on Dec. 14, 2011 with the publication of The Lost King.

The King's Redress by Devorah FoxNo way would we limit celebrating the monarch’s birthday to one day, so today you can treat yourself to The King’s Redress, Book Three of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam at a bargain price, $1.99 (£.99 in the UK).

So grab yourself a copy for your Kindle, pour yourself a fresh ale, enter King Bewilliam’s enthralling medieval world and join the party.

Guests have arrived from many distant realms. Here’sHarbinger Chavali, from a different world entirely. Heroine of Harbinger by Lee French and Erik Kort, Chavali is adjusting to her new life as a soul-bound agent of the Fallen, pushing herself harder than ever before. Between learning to fight, dealing with idiots, and climbing stairs – lots of stairs – she has little time to waste on thoughts of the future. Or the past.

Intrigued, King Bewilliam found himself asking some probing questions of his guest on matters close to his heart: trust and loyalty.

KBW: How do you determine who is telling you the truth and who is trying to deceive you?

Chavali: Anyone can do this. It is a skill that needs practice. I have been able to cheat to learn the skill, of course, because I can pair the thoughts I pull from their minds with the things they do: face, hands, body. After a while, it becomes second-nature. Some people are still difficult to read, even after doing this for ten years, but not many.

KBW: When someone you trusted is revealed to be disloyal, how do you feel? How do you respond?

Chavali: I have not had this happen to me in a meaningful way. When you do not truly trust anyone, you cannot be truly hurt by betrayal. It is possible that I consider my mother to have betrayed me, in a fashion. It was more of a rejection than anything else, and not one she saw that way. There is something particularly upsetting about having a loved one suddenly become afraid to touch you.

KBW: What is your biggest fear?

Chavali: Why? Do you mean to try to use it against me? This is not a topic I consider acceptable for discussion. I did not agree to answer any and every question thrown at me.

KBW: When you need to collect your thoughts and “regroup,” where do you go?

Chavali: Privacy. However, I grew up in a wagon caravan, where everyone was always in everyone else’s business, and we slept many to a bed, in a pile, without our own rooms. Yes, that means what it sounds like it does. Also, no one was allowed to wander away from the wagon ring at night. For safety reasons. Monsters come in many shapes, and a surprisingly large number of them have two arms and two legs. As such, my idea of ‘privacy’ is different from yours. I mean a situation where I am not pestered, have no significant distractions, and am not in someone else’s thoughts.

KBW: Have you learned from past experiences anything that you can use in the present? If not, why not?

Chavali: Of course. Life is not a single thing, it is a journey. Stagnation is death, whether it is in the mind or body. Stand still, refuse to learn, become entrenched, close your mind – these are all dangerous. Change keeps us sane and shows us ways through…ah, I do not know the word in your tongue. It means the bad things that happen.

Follow Chavali’s new challenge in Harbinger available from Amazon | Goodreads

and find all of King Bewilliam’s adventures on amazon.com including today’s $1.99 special, The King’s Redress.

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