Problem solved

You’re frustrated. I know how you feel.

You really enjoy reading my books and you wish more people knew about them so that they could enjoy them too. You wish you could help to get the word out.

Problem solved. Here’s how.

Historical Fantasy Book SaleSupport my Thunderclap campaign about my upcoming September HISTORICAL FANTASY EVENT.

What’s a Thunderclap campaign and what does “support” mean?

Supporting the Thunderclap campaign is like signing a petition but with the added power of simultaneously sharing a message with other supporters.

What’s the EVENT? From Sept. 1 through Sept. 15 Author Alesha Escobar and I will be jointly publicizing our fantasy books with discounts, giveaways and specials. We’ll be making it extra-easy to love our books and we’re rallying support now to promote the EVENT. That’s what the Thunderclap campaign is all about.

You follow the link and choose between your Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr account to grant Thunderclap permission to post a message on your behalf. That’s it! If we reach our goal of 100 supporters before the August 31 deadline, Thunderclap will automatically post your message and share our news with hundreds of thousands of people. And don’t worry; when you log into Thunderclap using your Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr account, all you’re doing is allowing the platform to share one single message on your behalf.

THAT’S ALL. That’s it. Thunderclap will use the absolute minimum permissions possible to post a message on your behalf. So please help introduce us to new readers who will enjoy our books as much as you do.

Time is running outTime is running out. We need 100 supporters and it’s all or nothing. So please click on this link and pledge to let Thunderclap post or Tweet for you to let everyone know about our huge FANTASY BOOK EVENT. Thank you.

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Shark Week

Naked Came the Sharks by Devorah FoxTouted as “television’s longest running must-see summer TV event,” Shark Week begins tonight with specials and talk shows devoted to the terrifyingly toothy members of the fish group Selachimorpha.

May I suggest this would be an ideal time to check out Naked Came the Sharks, my contemporary thriller? The sharks in this tale of murder and mayhem in the Texas Coastal Bend are a different species altogether but they’re still pretty scary.

To encourage you to test the waters, how about I put the e-book on sale? Visit the store and choose the e-book format that you prefer. You can pick a format that will work in your Nook, Kindle, Kobo, iPad, iPhone or other Apple iOS reader or even an e-book reader app on your computer or laptop. Then enter this code upon checkout for 50% off: NX92E.

The coupon expires Thursday, Aug. 14 so don’t hesitate.

Did you know that you can get Naked Came the Sharks in hardcover? And this being Shark Week, you can get it at a discount price? Click here and take 25% off through August 14 with code TWODAY25.  Then if you get attacked by a shark you can whack him upside the head with a hardback book.

C’mon, these sharks don’t bite. Well, actually, they do but it’s only make-believe. Or is it?

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Therapy is going to the dogs

I’m a cat person. So I was a little nervous about going to stay with my sister Barbara for a week. Not long ago she rescued not one, not two, but three dogs. Not little ones, either: Labrador type mixed breeds.

Still, she’s been a dog owner for just about her entire life and even worked in a kennel for a short time. I was confident that I would find Camille, the mom, and her sons Buster and Buckwheat to be well-behaved and they were. They were friendly but didn’t jump on or crowd or slobber on me. When it was time for the humans to leave the house, the dogs dutifully retreated to their kennels.

Barbara had worked with the dogs to teach them to behave and had taken all three of her new charges for additional training. Buster, however, got special training as a therapy dog. He took a five-week course at “Doc’s K-9 Training Center” in Kingston, New York. Karen Garelick is a retired vet who started the business which includes a doggy day care. Prospective therapy dogs are taught the standards set by Therapy Dog International. That organization sends a judge for the dogs’ final test.

Barbara explains, “They are required to sit for a visit and not paw anyone.” They are trained to be comfortable around people in wheelchairs and to be directed by the movement of the wheelchair. The dogs learn to wait for people to exit doors first, then follow rather than charging ahead. Small dogs are allowed on laps. Barbara is trying to teach Buster to put his head on someone’s lap. “It’s easier for them to pet him when he does,” she says.

I got a chance to see Buster in action. We made a visit to the Baptist Home, a skilled nursing care home that’s part of the Community at Brookmeade in Rhinebeck. When we exited her car, Barbara put a special type of restraint on Buster. Although it fit around his face it wasn’t a muzzle. It consisted of a strap that goes around the dog’s nose and another strap that goes around the neck, just behind the ears. Buster could still open his mouth if necessary. Barbara attached the leash to this halter and explained that it was to discourage Buster from pulling her when they walk. The design of the head halter causes the dog’s nose to be turned down and back toward the person holding the leash making it difficult for the dog to pull. It doesn’t cause any pain the way a choke chain or prong collar might, and it works better than attaching the leash to a collar fitting around the dog’s neck. That arrangement allows the dog full use of his strong shoulder muscles to pull while a halter does not.

Therapy Dog BusterShe tied a Therapy Dog International kerchief around Buster’s neck and I would swear that he stood a little taller and prouder as if he knew what was coming next.

We visited two wards. Not everyone was alert and aware but in each group there were several who were. They were just delighted to see us and Buster was a real gentleman about getting petted by strangers. He even brought a smile to the staff members as we traversed the halls.

Since then, Buster has been named the dedicated therapy dog for a dementia/Alzheimer’s wing and has a standing visitation appointment at Ferncliff Nursing Home.

I asked Barbara how she got involved in this in the first place. She says, “I like volunteering and I thought this would be fun. And it is.” I could see that having a chance to brighten someone’s day did as much for her as it did for the patients.

Here in the Coastal Bend, Lee McQuay and her dog, Brandy, make therapeutic visits. Brandy is a Golden Retriever. Lee says that many different breeds from Yorkies to Great Danes and mixed breeds do therapy dog work. “Temperament is the factor, not the breed” when it comes to qualifying a dog for this service.

Lee says that Brandy was” home-schooled.” Some years ago, Lee herself had been trained by dog trainer Tony Bender. Before Lee decided to get Brandy registered as a therapy dog, the dog had already been trained in obedience and manners and gotten her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title. Therapy dog training meant taking Brandy to nursing homes for exposure to the medical environment, wheelchairs, IV poles, etc. Brandy proved to be a natural. “She gravitated to people needing her be it patient, family or staff.

Two groups in this area do therapy dog testing: Therapy Dog Inc. and the Therapy Dog International that tested my sister’s dog Buster. Lee explains that there’s a “slight difference in their testing procedures but basically identical in their criteria. International does the testing at specific locations, bringing in hospital equipment and is completed in one session. ‘Inc.’ requires three sessions on three separate days. The first is at a general location for the obedience part, followed by two separate visits at two separate medical facilities where you and your dog are observed and evaluated.”

Courses are also available at Petsmart.

Depending on the human/canine team, training takes at least a couple of months to complete.

Lee McQuay, Brandy, therapy dog teamTherapy dogs serve at hospitals, rehab centers and nursing homes. Lee and Brandy now live in Mountain City, Tennessee and are also part of the “Tail Waggin’ Tutor” program as part of the Tennessee Literacy Program. That involves taking the dogs to schools, libraries and other facilities to help children learn to read. Lee says that “it has been proven to be a good learning tool particularly for children just learning to read and/or having any problems. They are not intimidated reading ‘out loud’ to the dogs as they are with adults and classmates—dogs don’t make fun of them.” I can just picture it, can’t you?

The visits that I made with Barbara and Buster were quite brief. Lee McQuay says “We try to keep visits short; knock on the door, ask if they would like a visit; if so, we go in, play it by ear:” Lee lets Brandy be petted and praised, maybe do a couple of tricks but primarily they let the patient or family dictate. “There are times when we are asked to sit, visit and listen; Brandy will quietly lay down while the patient and/or family unburden their souls. We develop a sense of what is needed, and I am fortunate that Brandy leads the way!”

Nursing homes usually only require proof of rabies and well-mannered dogs.  Hospitals are much more stringent for insurance purposes. Lee says that the therapy dog must have all the proper credentials. Handlers have their own set of criteria to meet, depending of the hospital’s protocol which include a detailed application form, background check, letters of recommendation, TB test, flu vaccine, photo ID, two-hour orientation/walk-through, and another observation of the handler and the dog working. Before our visit to the Baptist Home my sister and I made a separate trip so that she could have her test for TB approved.

Lee says that while therapy dogs are not permitted in intensive care or maternity wards, they are welcome in the PCU (progressive care unit) and CCU (cancer care unit). “The CCU is special,” Lee says. “Patients are there for infusion, which could vary from one to six hours; having a visit from a friendly TDI team is always welcome.” I remember accompanying my late husband for his infusions and yes, I can see how a therapy dog would contribute to that situation. So I can understand Lee’s reply when I asked her how she got involved with therapy dog work? “I hesitate answering this question, but the reality is I lost Bob, my husband of 23-plus years last October. He had been a patient and I thought this would be a way of giving back. The staff was so good to us, and can you imagine, what it is like now, for so many of them, to drop to their knees and hug Brandy, doctors to housekeeping?

Want to get involved? Lee suggests that dog owners get Basic Training to the CGC level whether they intend to do therapy or simply walk in the park. “Then go to a nursing home and see if your dog would enjoy and be comfortable with being a Therapy dog. If so, go to either website and find what is available in your area.”

For more information, check out Therapy Dogs International at or Therapy Dogs Inc.  Then you and your dog can bring a little joy to someone who really needs it. I’ll see you there.

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Having a blast with author Eden Baylee


A vacation can be a killer…


Publication Date: June 30, 2014
Genre: Psychological Mystery/Thriller

A vacation can be a killer.

Dr. Kate Hampton, a respected psychiatrist, gathers with a group of strangers at her favorite travel spot, Sunset Villa in Jamaica. Included in the mix are friends of the owners, a businessman with dubious credentials, and a couple who won the trip from a TV game show.

It is January 2013, following the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The luxury resort is struggling, not from the storm, but due to a scathing review from caustic travel writer, Matthew Kane. The owners have invited him back with hopes he will pen a more favorable review to restore their reputation.

Even though she is haunted by her own demons, Kate feels compelled to help. She sets out to discover the motivation behind Kane’s vitriol. Used to getting what he wants, has the reviewer met his match in Kate? Or has she met hers?

Stranger at Sunset is a slow-burning mystery/thriller as seen through the eyes of different narrators, each with their own murky sense of justice. As Kate’s own psychological past begins to unravel, a mysterious stranger at Sunset may be the only one who can save her.


Eden Baylee left a twenty-year banking career to become a full-time writer. She incorporates many of her favorite things into her writing such as: travel; humor; music; poetry; art; and much more.

Stranger at Sunset is her first mystery novel, on the heels of several books of erotic anthologies and short stories. She writes in multiple genres.

An introvert by nature and an extrovert by design, Eden is most comfortable at home with her laptop surrounded by books. She is an online Scrabble junkie and a social media enthusiast, but she really needs to get out more often!

To stay apprised of Eden’s book-related news, please add your name to her mailing list.

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In progress no longer

Echoes of MemoriesEchoes of Memories is a work in progress no longer. It is published and available for you to enjoy.

The story continues the adventures of the intrepid Elsa, the heroine of Made to Forget.

Traitor. Liar. That’s what they call me. No one believes me. Not even my team. I know it’s up to me to get the answers. To stop the corruption and unlock my memories. I’ll do anything to get them back. Even if my hands will be covered in blood.

Elsa’s every move is scrutinized. She’s labeled a traitor by those she sought for protection, and kept from her family and team. Regaining memories has been a slow process. Too slow for the Council’s liking, taking matters into their own hands.

The new captain has history with Elsa and operates with a hidden agenda. Even Elsa’s team reacts differently toward her. If only she could unlock her memories. Everything is playing right into Alexander’s hand, even amassing an army with unconventional methods, designed to annihilate the Nepherium—starting with Noah. Elsa will do anything to stop Alexander … even kill.

The author is Samantha LaFantasie. A Kansas native, Samantha LaFantasie spends her free time with her spouse and three kids. Writing has always been a passion of hers, forgoing all other desires to devote to this one obsession, even though she often finds herself arguing with her characters through much of the process. She’s primarily a fantasy writer but often feels pulled to genres such as sci-fi, romance, and others.

Join the Echoes of Memories release party going on now on Facebook. Join to win prizes including copies of the new book. Want more from Samantha? Keep up with her at any of her digital hangouts.


Facebook Fan Page

Author Central




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Work in ProgressWelcome to the next stop on the Work-in-Progress Blog Hop. Thanks to Samantha Lafantasie for inviting me to do this. Last Monday, Samantha answered questions about her newest work and this week it’s my turn.

Yes, I know it seems like the ink is hardly dry on the newly released The King’s Redress but I do have a new work in progress. To answer the first question, it’s called Deadline. It’s a contemporary thriller.

The second question asks how this work differs from others of its genre and I’d have to say that the time in which the story takes place makes it unusual. It all happens in a little over a week during mid-February, 1993. That’s more than 20 years ago so maybe it’s not contemporary after all. It could be called a historical thriller because it does concern an actual event. Historical fiction also portrays the manners and social conditions of the peoople or times presented in the story, with attention paid to period detail. I have to laugh to think of 1993 as “history” and the story as a period piece. I’ll have to admit that although I lived it, it’s far enough in the past that even I have forgotten what it was like. I’m researching it as diligently as I have The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam literary fantasy series that’s set in the Middle Ages.

Question Three asks why do I write what I do? Quite a few writers would answer that question the same way. I get an idea in my head and it won’t go away. I have to write it out or it will keep me awake. For example, a simple dinner conversation got me thinking about fishing, from the fish’s point of view. There was no way I was getting to sleep that night unless I jotted down the images dancing in my brain.

As for Question Four, the writing process itself, I begin with the idea for a story. Sometimes I know how it starts and I write my way to the ending. Other times, like with The King’s Redress, I know how it ends and I have to figure out what led up to that. I think about the characters—who they are and how they are likely to respond in a given situation—and I do some general outlining but the day-to-day writing involves making it up as I go along. I work best with a deadline (no pun intended) so I enroll in writing marathons and set daily word-count goals.

That’s the writing process in a nutshell. To see how some other writers work, I’ve passed along the Work-in-Progress Blog Hop questions to three others: Wendy Strain, Fiona Skye and Mike Daigle.

Having just given up a position as a full-time grant writer, Wendy Strain is re-dedicating herself to creative writing either by helping others or by working on her own ideas. She’s the host of two flash fiction contests designed to help you develop your mad writing skills – #5MinuteFiction ( to help you break through writer’s doubt and TipsyLit Prompted ( where you can pit your work against other literary talents. I just judged a #5MinuteFiction contest. It was a lot of fun and definitely something to try.

Fiona Skye is an Amazon Top-100 best-selling fantasy novelist, currently living in the deserts of Southern Arizona. She shares a home with her husband, two kids, three cats, and a Border Collie mix. Fiona and I frequently take those silly Facebook quizzes and come up with the same results often enough that we think we may be clones of each other.

I’ve know Mike Daigle for decades. A writer for most of his life, Mike was a print journalist for many  years, starting at weekly newspapers in Massachusetts and Maine, and then dailies, in Maine and New Jersey. He’s now an online journalist, practicing the craft for digital news web pages, and others. His novel, The Swamps of Jersey, was just accepted for publication.

Check out their blogs to see what they’re up to and how they’re going about it.


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No pressure

#5MinuteFictionI’ve been invited to serve as judge for the #5MinuteFiction contest hosted by Wendy Strain on her WriteOnWendy blog.

Of course I’m terribly flattered to be asked, but I also find it funny. I couldn’t write a grocery list in five minutes much less a worthwhile story but that’s just what the contestants will do.

Tuesday, July 29, at 7:30 p.m. CST, Wendy will post a writing prompt. Sparked by that prompt, contestants will write their best short piece of fiction and submit it in the blog’s comments section by 7:45 p.m. Wendy will call time and close the contest. I as judge will read the entries and by 9 p.m. the same night I’ll chose the top five.

Throughout the evening and the following day, Wednesday, July 30, the finalists’ entries are available to read on the blog and judging is open to all readers who can vote for their favorite. Readers, get ready for some highly entertaining morsels, complete stories in one yummy bite.

Voting ends at 7:30 p.m. CST on Wednesday, July 30. At 9 p.m. on that day, Wendy will announce the winner.

So writers, sharpen your pencil, put a fresh cartridge in your pen, or fire up a New Document in your favorite word processor and get ready to write, fast! Your rewards are the fame and glory of being a celebrated #5MinuteFiction writer PLUS I’m awarding the winner a gift certificate for a free ebook copy of The Lost King.

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Take care out there

Even with back-to-school ads suggesting vacations are soon coming to an end, we still have lots of summer tourists here, lots of traffic and unfortunately some accidents. It’s a reminder to think about car insurance to protect drivers and the people with whom they share the road. With some judicious shopping it can be affordable too.

These days, it does not take long for people to find themselves in serious financial trouble. Most often, financial problems happen because of a lack of proper planning. In order for individuals to avoid falling into a financial crisis, it’s essential for them to budget carefully and spend within their means. One way to save tremendously is by purchasing necessary car insurance coverage at a cheaper price.

Determine the Amount of Coverage Needed

Many people often make the mistake of purchasing coverage they do not need. For instance, a driver who is looking to purchase auto insurance Austin may be talked into buying coverage that costs $800 a month when in reality, the driver only needs a plan that costs $200 a month. Such a decision is usually made because these individuals feel that they will need to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Insurance companies will sell to these types of people because brokers can easily sell to them many types of insurance they will never use, which will then have the effect of racking up monthly premiums. Careful drivers have no need to buy coverage that is designed for people who are constantly getting in accidents.

Compare Quotes and Then Purchase

Once the amount of necessary coverage has been determined, shoppers need to compare quotes. There are a number of ways that quotes can be compared. One way shoppers can compare car insurance quotes is by visiting a website that is designed to allow consumers to view a wide range of quotes within a few seconds of generating the search. Also, customers can speak with a broker. After specifying to the broker what type of insurance coverage is desired, the broker will help the shopper find the plans that have the best possible rates. Finally, consumers can choose a preferred company and check that company’s website for plans that offer outstanding rates based on their options. Once customers find the perfect plan along with the perfect rate, they can then make their purchase.

When customers purchase a good plan that offers a nice rate, they can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on auto insurance. The money they save can be put into a savings account for a rainy day, thus significantly improving their personal financial situation. When a financial crisis does arise, it can be dealt with in confidence because the necessary resources will be there to deal with it without causing serious financial problems.

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I’m so proud to tell you about this awesome box set. There’s no beating this deal. It’s only around for a limited time, so now’s your chance to get your hands on this RARE collection before it’s gone!

pandora 2PANDORA, a best-selling box set of wicked paranormal reads, is brought to you by twenty exciting, best-selling, and award-winning authors!

Ready for a touch of magic?

Whether you love paranormal in the form of romance, suspense, mystery, horror, or fantasy, this box set will have something to entice your preternatural sensibilities. Supernaturally thrilling and engaging, this box set has it all: ghosts, vampires, mind-readers, shape-shifters, demons, faeries, werewolves, and more.

For a limited time, you can enjoy books from today’s New York Times, USA Today, Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestselling authors and many more. It includes everything from titles that are slated for the big screen to stories from Pulitzer Prize and Bram Stoker Award Nominees! When purchased separately, these books cost over $50! But they are yours today for less than $1.

Professionally formatted, no cliffhangers, and no short stories. Every selection in this rare, limited edition paranormal box set are full-length novels and novellas! A few are “First in Series,” but the editors carefully selected only those which can still be enjoyed as a standalone!

Available for Pre-Order Now!




Coming August 5, 2014

Do you dare to open the box?


What’s included:


by Conner Kressley

Cresta’s the kind of girl who thinks everything is the end of the world. Turns out, she might be right.



by Kelly Anne Blount, Amazon Best-Selling Author

Coming soon!



by Laura Howard , Amazon Best-Selling Author

Truths have a way of revealing themselves. Secrets will eventually surface. And Allison must learn to set aside her plan and work with her father if there is even a small chance it could restore her mother’s sanity.



by Riley J. Ford, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

What if you could know exactly what your friends are thinking? High school student Winter Reynolds can, but there’s a catch… She can only read people’s thoughts when she’s kissing them.



by Susan Stec<, Amazon Best-Selling Author

Toni’s grandmother is a psychopath. Her sister is a ghost. Her boyfriend is possessed. And she has no idea who she is.



by Angela Fristoe

As a Truth Teller, Phoebe knows a lie when she hears it.Knowing what to do when her best friend lies is the problem, because in lies, intention is everything.



by Christi Goddard, Amazon Best-Selling Author

When a smart-ass magical creature invades Kathleen’s life, a boy she hates turns up dead and her mother goes missing.



by Rachel Walter

With the help of supernatural friends and protectors, Jazzy thinks she’s safe until what remains of her family is put in danger. Does she have what it takes to save her family, life, soul, and soul mate, or will all be lost?



by DelSheree Gladden, Amazon Best-Selling Author

Being invisible won’t hide Mason for long.



by Apryl Baker, Amazon Best-Selling and Film-Optioned Novelist

Snap…crackle…pop. The sounds of bones breaking and shifting and of muscles tearing haunt Alexandria Reed. Aided by her new friends, who have some dark secrets themselves, can she and Jason survive long enough to figure out the secret behind the secret?



by Louise Caiola, Amazon Best-Selling Author

She was born with the Magical Knowing – a gift, some said. A curse, said others.
But for Truly, it was the very thing meant to save her life. If it didn’t kill her first.



by Rainy Kaye, Amazon Best-Selling Author

A dark twist on genie folklore, SUMMONED follows a reluctant criminal as he unravels the mystery of the paranormal bond controlling him.



by Rebecca Hamilton, Amazon Best-Selling and Film-Optioned Novelist

Ophelia’s initiation into the supernatural council won’t be complete until she kills the man she loves.



by Samantha LaFantasie

After waking up in a hospital with no memory, Elsabetha quickly learns those who claim to be her friend are anything but.



by Noree Cosper, B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

Demons, werewolves, possessed bikers, madness spreading like a virus, and a revenge that has waited for over five-hundred years. What more could Gabby look for in a vacation spot?



by Thomas Sullivan<, Pulitzer Prize Nominee

A global quest by a cynical adventurer searching for links in a colossal subterranean network he has stumbled upon lead him from the ancient fortress at Cuzco, Peru, to the Pyramids of Giza to a dangerous churchyard in Connemara, Ireland, where he falls in love with a woman of more than mortal roots and encounters the strange magic of a small village.



by Carole Lanham, Amazon Best-Selling Author and Bram Stoker Award Nominee

“There are monsters in this world, I’ve learned, and sometimes I have fallen victim to them and sometimes I have been one.” A story of Welsh witchcraft, love, and murder.



by Peter W. Dawes, Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Award winner

It all started with a murder, but what laid in wait would turn a man into a monster.



by Heather Kenealy, winner of MTV’s “Stan Lee presents the Seekers” contest and Cinescape’s Short Story Contest

Betrayal comes with a price. For these betrayers, it also comes with an opportunity.


by Steven Katriel, Amazon Best-Selling Author

When Gabriel Holland’s beloved Helena vanishes from his life, he journeys to the home of disgraced artist Cristian Salazar, the man he holds responsible for her disappearance and the death of several friends.

10305597_781609198551136_8613660016517148630_n (4)

Love this deal? Wanna spend a few moments of your time to help spread the word? Here’s a few things that you can do:

Support our Thunderclap Campaign

Join the PANDORA mailing list

Join the PANDORA Pre-release Facebook Party

Follow on Twitter

Add to your Goodreads #tbr list

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DIY made funny

I am so proud to share this news. Hope Sutherland, a fellow author and member of the South Texas Scribes, was named a Finalist in the 1st/2nd Quarter 2014 “America’s Funniest Humor!”(TM) Writing Contest held by, one of the Internet’s highest-ranking humor contest sites. If you need a chuckle, click here to read her delightful “Blueprint Blues.”

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