Where do you get your ideas?—Part One

Have you ever gone to an author chat? I have. I’ve had a chance to meet such luminaries as Michael Connelly, Ridley Pearson, Earl Emerson and more and learned so much about the author’s life and work. Later, it was a highlight of my life to attend such an event as the featured author rather than a guest.

A popular question put to authors by members of the audience is “Where do you get your ideas?”

Ideas come at all hours of the day and night. I’ve awakened from a dream thinking, “That would make a great story.” I’ve been inspired by television commercials, billboards, my cats’ antics, or something that I witnessed in the supermarket. If episodes in my novels resonate with you it’s because they were sparked by familiar everyday events.

The King's Redress by Devorah FoxTake, for example, the various competitions in The King’s Redress, Book Three of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam. Sure, the jousting was a bit exotic, but what about the melee a pied tournament?

About to begin was the first in a series of contests, the melee a pied. The fights conducted on foot were reminiscent of the clash between vanguards of attacking and defending infantrymen. Now two teams of knights stood opposite each other in the lists and waited restively and noisily for the herald’s cry to begin at which point they would rush together with a roar. Although clubs would smack and fists would fly, the object of the melee wasn’t to cause great bodily harm much less deliver any mortal blows, although tales were told of a knight whose helmet was hit so hard and so badly dented that he could not remove it without a blacksmith’s aid. Instead, the melee knights sought to capture as many opponents as possible. The captive would be held for ransom.

Facing off practically nose to nose against an opponent determined to wrestle one to the ground was a pale imitation of a battlefield confrontation. In war, infantrymen on the front lines knew they were about to race headlong into a battle to the death. Nevertheless, the melee a pied called for steady nerves and mettle.

Did that sound like something you’ve seen, perhaps on the big-screen TV or from a stadium seat? I’m not saying that American football got its beginnings during the Middle Ages, but maybe it won’t surprise you to learn that I wrote that scene during football season.

The out-of-control bonfire that causes so much havoc and destruction on the grounds of King Bewilliam’s Bell Castle was drawn from the tragic conflagration at Texas A&M.

In the coming months, I’ll share more of where I get the ideas for my stories.

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“The Redoubt” playlist

The Redoubt, Book 4 in The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam epic fantasy series by Devorah FoxI hope you’re enjoying The Redoubt, Book 4 of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam.

How about a soundtrack to go with the story? Here’s links to tunes that call to my mind the people, places, and events.

I’d be delighted to hear your suggestions of songs to add to the list.

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Announcing, at last, “The Redoubt”

The Redoubt by Devorah FoxAt long last, The Redoubt, Book Four of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam epic fantasy series, has launched.

It’s now available in print and in digital format including KindleNook, Kobo, and iBook.

You could also download it in epub format, as a PDF, a text file, or in a variety of other digital formats.

If you would like me to send it to you via carrier pigeon or smoke signal, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

I think you’re going to like it. Please take a moment and drop a complimentary line or two of review on the online bookstore page where you buy books, be it amazon, Nook, Barnes and Noble, or some other retailer. Your positive comments encourage other readers to visit King Bewilliam’s bewildering world. (Thanks to everyone who gave the rankings a boost by preordering the book. Now that it’s officially launched you can post your review.)

Enjoy The Redoubt!

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The book that almost wasn’t

The Redoubt by Devorah FoxAvailable now for preorder, The Redoubt, Book Four in The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam epic fantasy series, officially debuts on Friday, Feb. 5, 2016.

But there was a time when it looked like it wouldn’t get written at all. To read about The Story That Almost Wasn’t, visit the blog at A Blue Green Universe. And thanks to author Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews for a chance to tell the story behind the story, particularly a story that almost wasn’t.

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I am officially giddy.

All Authors Certificate of Excellence, The Lost KingThe Lost King has been awarded the All Authors Certificate of Excellence.

It’s always a point of pride to be acclaimed but I am particularly thrilled about this award because of what it signifies.

When you visit the AACE Web site you’ll see that the award indicates:

  • Advocacy: At All Authors we believe in the advocacy of the Author’s Voice. There is richness in our tapestry that is well deserving of celebration!
  • Authenticity: All Authors is not impressed with works that embody “same script, different casts”. We desire those gems that sparkle amidst the grass of the overly manufactured and mediocre.
  • Creativity: There’s writing, and then there’s writing on fire—presenting material is such a way that you’re held hostage but never yearn for freedom. All Authors beam at books that not just hint at creativity but have that quality permeate each and every page.
  • Exemplified: At All Authors, we want to honor works that serve as trailblazers to a particular genre or the transcendence of genres. Those works emphatically answer the query, “What first comes to mind?”

I’m going to try to be modest about the recognition but I will say that I intended for The Lost King to be a unique fantasy story. I endeavored to transcend the typical sword-and-sorcery of the genre. The Lost King tells of one man’s struggle with very contemporary issues such as divorce, career displacement, financial ruin, and post-traumatic stress. Yet I deliberately set the tale in a larger-than-life imaginary medieval universe. The enormity of King Bewilliam’s challenges and the strength of character required to keep fighting to surmount them seemed to me so colossal as to be the stuff of legend. A contemporary setting didn’t feel grand enough to me for a story of such import.

The AACE certificate is especially meaningful to me because it was awarded by a team of book lovers, avid readers and critics who take writing seriously and are themselves superb authors.

The Lost King by Devorah FoxKing Bewilliam’s issues have taken more than one book to address. The Lost King was followed by The King’s Ransom and The King’s Redress and Book Four, The Redoubt, launches on Feb. 5, 2016.

And I have good news for those who would like to read an excellent book: The Lost King digital edition is on sale for 99¢ on amazon.com and smashwords.com. I invite you to visit King Bewilliam’s bewildering world and hope you agree with All Authors that the book deserves celebration.


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“The Redoubt” is coming

The Redoubt by Devorah FoxThe Redoubt, Book Four of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam, will launch Friday, Feb. 5, 2016 in print and digital editions.



Eager readers have already placed preorders and lucky fans have copies of a limited first-edition print run in hand.

If you’ve haven’t been following the king’s bewildering adventures all along, now’s a great time to get up to speed. Book One, The Lost King, is on sale for 99¢. The acclaimed epic riches-to-rags fantasy series begins when the medieval king finds himself stripped of sword and steed, castle and crown, even family. When you have lost everything that defines you, who are you? You’ll lament each setback and applaud each victory as King Bewilliam battles his way to an answer, and every dragon in between.

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Nearly there

The Redoubt by Devorah FoxThe Redoubt, Book Four of The Continuing Adventures of King Bewilliam, is nearly ready for you to enjoy.

The book that almost didn’t get finished will debut on Friday, Feb. 5, 2016. Here’s the first chapter to whet your appetite.

Can’t wait to get your hands on it? You can order it now. Then as soon as it’s published it will be yours.

and yes, it will be available in print, too. Visit my Author Page on amazon.com for a quick, convenient link to The Redoubt and all my other titles.

animated heart beat photo: heart beat heartbeats.gifI think you’re really going to like this one. King Bewilliam faces off against some formidable villains, human and animal, and you’ll get to know his knights, nobles, and ladies better. There’s a lot going on in this story: adventure, drama, suspense and yes, even romance.

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Party on!

It’s parties a go-go here at Word Central today.

In the Chalklands, King Bewilliam and his subjects are winding down his birthday celebration. For a while longer you can get The Lost King for 99 little pennies but hurry before the king sobers up and comes to his senses.

Naked Came the Sharks by Jed Donellie and Devorah FoxThen the king will be slinking away to sleep off an ale hangover but don’t despair, hard core party animals. Just sail on over to Bonafides and lift a margarita in toast to Holly and Rusty. They’re celebrating the Dec. 18 anniversary of Naked Came the Sharks. It’s a tale of murder and mayhem in the Texas Coastal Bend. Set during a sizzling summer it’s the perfect read for those long dark winter nights.

Find Naked Came the Sharks in paperback, hardback or Kindle format at amazon.com  or in other epub formats like Nook at smashwords.com, for 99¢. Cheaper than a party hat.

Party on!

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Happy birthday to the king

The Lost King by Devorah FoxHappy birthday, King Bewilliam, officially “born” on Dec. 11, 2011 with the publication of the Kindle edition of The Lost King.

The story was inspired by a friend’s real life crisis, a complete personal and professional derailment. I wanted to see if I couldn’t craft a happy ending.

That turned out to be harder than I thought. Even the strongest among us doesn’t bounce right back from such stunning losses. While he scored some successes, King Bewilliam continued to struggle to reclaim his life which led to more books in the epic fantasy series, The King’s Ransom and The King’s Redress, and coming Winter 2016, The Redoubt.

To celebrate and give you a chance to enjoy the series at a bargain price, today the Kindle edition of The Lost King, Book One of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam, is available for 99¢.

The king’s subjects will be making merry all week throughout the kingdom so check back to see what else we have in store to commemorate this anniversary.

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A lightbulb moment

You can find The Lights Go On at the Park, my little Christmas story, on Noisetrade Books and Wattpad, or just read it right here. I hope your Christmas is merry and bright.

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