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Book Trailer Love Fest 2

Show your support of over 30 authors including USA Today bestsellers by voting in the first ever Book Trailer Love Fest. Watch the trailers, vote in the polls, and share the contest with your friends! The voting is live from February 15th to February 22nd. Winner will be selected on the February 23rd. This is a fun, free contest made to support all authors! So hop on over to and get your vote on!

Here is a list of authors participating in the contest:

USA TODAY Bestselling Authors:

DelSheree Gladden

Noree Cosper

Rainy Kaye

Angela Fristoe

Amazon Bestselling Authors:

Devorah Fox

Alesha Escobar

Emerald Barnes

Fiona Skye

Frank E. Bittinger

Award Winning Authors:

J. Andersen

Jennifer Chase

Also featuring these fabulous authors:

Charles Ray

Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson

Susan Laqueur

L. Bachman

J.R. Smith

Lindsey L. Loucks

Sessha Batto

Angelica Dawson

Yolanda Renee

Katherine Jean Pope

Jamie Marchant

Everett Robert

Charity Tober

Tam Linsey

W K Pomeroy

Jordan Mierek

Elle Boca

Isabella Tredway

Elle Jacklee

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Write what you know—NOT!

Devorah FoxOh, look, it’s me AGAIN! I guess now that I’m a Master of Time everyone wants to get to know me.

Thanks to Amanda Mabry for the chance to share more of myself with you. Amanda and I discovered that we have more in common than we realized; we both have lousy penmanship ;-) .

Now, be sure to come back and visit tomorrow because it will be MY turn to introduce you to an author and fellow Time Traveler.

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The Novelist

I’m not much of a gamer but I have lots of friends who are, including author friends. This caught my attention and might make a gamer out of me too so I thought I’d share.

The Novelist
A strange game where every choice matters.

Some writers and readers of fiction find it difficult to immerse themselves in video games in the same way those who don’t enjoy fiction as much do. It’s mostly due to preference – after all, it’s much more fun to imagine and explore the worlds of fiction, to unravel the words used by the writers and challenge ourselves to build the world from the ground up, rather than explore a world that’s already been built for us, constrained by the resources, time, and efforts of the game developers who created these worlds. But developers are very much storytellers as well, and those fiction writers and readers who do enjoy video games will often find themselves drawn in by the story more than anything else.

This is what The Novelist relies on. Despite what the title may lead you to believe, the game doesn’t put you in control of a novelist struggling to finish his next book, and it’s in this way that the game differs from most others that revolve around writing as a central theme. Most games of this theme are simulations – they allow players to pretend to be novelists and create and sell books, with the end goal obviously being fame and fortune. Variants of this genre have included games where players create visual novels, and even program games (game within a game?). While they’ve been successful, they’re not quite as endearing to writers, as they have no real story within them.

The Novelist, on the other hand, treads a completely different path. Developed by Kent Hudson and released on Steam; in 2013, the game put players in control of a spectral figure living within a beach house that’s been rented out to the family of a novelist who suffers from crippling writer’s block. The spectral figure is then tasked with helping the novelist not only overcome his writer’s block, but also reconnect with his wife and developmentally challenged son, who have grown increasingly distant in the months leading to the game’s events.

Every decision made by the player has extreme effects on the storyline unraveled, and as the days and weeks wear on, players are treated to more information about the story the novelist is writing, the story of the family, and the story of the beach house and the spectral figure within it. It’s an interesting tale, and it’s one that writers and avid readers will definitely enjoy, and the method of gameplay involved is also an added bonus. There’s no mindless button mashing, and the game is all about content.


After all, more than gameplay, what truly makes a game unique is its content. We have all seen great literary works transformed into games, from Don Quixote being transformed into a film and then a PlayStation 2 game to Beowulf and Alice in Wonderland featuring in their own slots on Betfair;. It’s always interesting to see what kind of new twists game developers can put on these timeless tales, but in the end, it’s really just something we’ve all read before.

The Novelist, on the other hand, is an intriguing, fresh story about family life and the struggles of a real family. It’s endearing and immersive, and a great choice for fiction lovers.

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All That (WORD) Jazz

Experience hearing a book excerpt, short story or poem in the voice of the person who wrote it. The Rockport Writers Group will hold its fourth annual Rockport Writers RoundUp Saturday, Feb, 28, 2015, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m at the Estelle Stair Gallery at 406 South Austin Street in Rockport.

Members of the RWG will read selections of their work as well as be on hand to sign copies of their books for you and answer questions.

In the past, this event has been held in June. This year the group moved it to earlier on the calendar so that winter visitors would have a chance to attend.

Rockport Writer Group President John Howell will open the program with a brief introduction to the RWG which has been in existence since 1988. Members are writers who practice writing as a craft and want to improve their skill and technique with the goal of being published. They meet twice a month to share what they’ve learned about writing and to encourage each other in the development of writing skills. An important function of the RWG is the “read-and-critique.” Writers can bring their work to share and get constructive criticism.

The selections for the Roundup represent just about every genre: history and mystery, children’s and young adult books, memoir and fantasy.

  • Pat Chapman   TEA ON THE GREAT WALL  Memoir excerpt
  • Roger Larimore  THE LIAR’S TABLE  Short Story
  • Jackie Baird  ANNIE’S PORTION  Novel excerpt
  • Kay Butzin   PASSAGE  Flash Fiction
  • Joan Isaacks  MY SECRET  Memoir excerpt
  • Mark Waters  THREE DAYS IN HEAVEN  Novel excerpt
  • Woody Davis   THE GLORIOUS MR. JONES  Short story
  • Mary Wallace   THE WEDDING  Novel excerpt
  • Skoot Larson  INSIDE OUT  Word jazz

The King's RedressYours truly will read an excerpt from my latest release, THE KING’S REDRESS, Book Three in my literary fantasy series.

During the program you’ll have a chance to ask questions like “how long did it take to write that?” and “where do you get your ideas?”

Reading aloud and even listening is thirsty work so member Mark Waters has whipped up some wassail to share and there will also be light refreshments.

Now about that “word jazz.” What is that, you ask. Skoot Larson’s “word jazz” harkens back to the Beat Generation and the work of Ken Nordine. In popular Chicago radio programs like “The World’s Great Novels,” recording artist Nordine combined poetry and music, reciting his work backed by a jazz group. So don your shades, your black beret and come ready to channel your inner beatnik.

For more information about the Rockport Writers Group, send an email to or visit the group’s page on Facebook, For more information about the Estelle Stair Gallery, call 361 (463-1059). I’ll see you there.


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Mastering Time

Masters of TimeOh, look, it’s ME!

Why do I have a big smile on my face? Because I am in such great company as one of several fabulous writers  who contributed to the upcoming Masters of Time: A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Time Travel anthology.

Masters of TimeLearn where the idea for my story Turning the Tide came from and the challenge of writing for this genre.

So, have I mastered Time? Only in my imagination. There still aren’t enough hours in the day … oooh, I feel a writing prompt coming on!

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Introducing Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited

Read freely from over 750,000 books – available on Kindle devices, as well as free Kindle reading apps for iOS, Android and more; Free 30-day Kindle Unlimited trial available now to eligible customers.

About today introduced Kindle Unlimited—a new subscription service which allows customers to freely read as much as they want from over 750,000 Kindle books, all for only CDN$9.99 a month. Finding a great book is easy, and there are never any due dates—just look for the Kindle Unlimited logo on eligible titles and click “Read for Free.” Customers can choose from best sellers like the Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games trilogy, Capital in the Twenty-First CenturyInterpreter of MaladiesFlash Boys, The Giver and Wonder Boys. Kindle Unlimited is available starting today and is accessible from Kindle devices or with Amazon’s free Kindle reading apps. Customers can learn more about our 30-day free trial at

“We are thrilled to introduce Kindle Unlimited to Canadian customers and give book lovers unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of titles,” said Russ Grandinetti, Senior Vice President, Kindle. “With Kindle Unlimited, our customers are spending more time reading and have the freedom to explore new authors, series and genres.”

Kindle Unlimited features include:

  • Unlimited reading: Access over 750,000 books including best sellers like the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games trilogy,Interpreter of Maladies, The Giver, Wonder Boys, The FinisherFlash BoysBusiness Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street, plus thousands of classics such as Slaughterhouse-Five and The Good Earth, as well as books featuring much loved children’s characters such as those from Sesame Street and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and useful reference titles including books from the For Dummies series and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.
  • The King's Redress by Devorah FoxKindle exclusives: Choose from hundreds of thousands of books only found on Kindle, including The Magpies by Mark Edwards, The Hangman’s Daughter series by Oliver Pötzsch, War Brides by Helen Bryan, A Day at the Office by Matt Dunn and Cry Baby by David Jackson, as well as The King’s Redress by yours truly, Devorah Fox.
  • French language: Explore over 15,000 French language titles including C’est dans la boîte by Frédéric Ernotte and Thomas Passe-Mondes, Tome 1: Dardéa by Eric Tasset.
  • Short Reads: For a quick escape, select from thousands of books that are 100 pages or less, including Kindle Singles from Stephen King, Andy Borowitz, and Nelson DeMille, and short fiction from Amazon Publishing’s StoryFront imprint.
  • Popular Kindle features: Enjoy all the great Kindle features customers love such as Whispersync, Word Wise, Vocabulary Builder, Popular Highlights, X-Ray, and customer reviews.
  • Read everywhere: Access across Kindle devices and free Kindle reading apps for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones, Windows Phone, PC, Mac and Windows 8—so you always have your library with you and never lose your place.

For more details on Kindle Unlimited, visit

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Masters of Time: Sci-Fi And Fantasy Time Travel Stories: Time Travel through a Child’s Eyes: Author Interview with Alice Marks

Meet Alice Marks who contributed to the upcoming Masters of Time Travel: Sci-Fi and Fantasy anthology. Learn where the idea for her story came from and the challenge of writing for this genre. Time Travel Through A Child’s Eyes: Interview With Alice Marks.

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Book Trailer Love Fest

Feel the love ?

Check out The Book Trailer Love Fest. These little videos are a great way to have a different experience of the books you love or to discover a new one. Voting will start on the 15th so you’ve got plenty of time to view the videos and decide which ones are your favorites. Voting ends on the 22nd with a winner chosen on the 23rd.

Of course I hope you’ll vote for my entry, Naked Came the Sharks, but feel free to vote for all your favorites.

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Masters of Time: Sci-Fi And Fantasy Time Travel Stories: A Time Travel Story About Love And Loss: Author Interview with H.M. Jones

Meet H. M. Jones who contributed to the upcoming Masters of Time Travel: Sci-Fi and Fantasy anthology. Learn where the idea for her story came from and the challenge of writing for this genre. Masters of Time: Sci-Fi And Fantasy Time Travel Stories: A Time Travel Story About Love And Loss: Author Interview with H.M. Jones.

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Is it July yet?

Lots of folks, especially those in the snow belt, are yearning for Spring, not to mention Summer.

Masters of Time TravelI’m eager for July to get here because that’s the debut of Masters of Time Travel, Sci-Fi and Fantasy anthology.

My short story, Turning the Tide, will be in it as well as stupendous stories by USA Today Bestselling Author Samantha LaFantasie, Amazon Bestselling Authors Alesha Escobar and me,  Timothy C. Ward, H.M. Jones, and Alice Marks.

We’re ramping up for the launch and we already have a giveaway going. Click this link to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway. We’ve got some really great prizes like Time Travel tote bags, gift cards and a mini-journal not to mention complimentary ebooks.

Keep up with us in real time, or at least in cyberspace, at:


The book is being published by Creative Alchemy, a micro-press and author services company that specializes in science fiction and fantasy. They’re dedicated to stunning artwork, addictive stories, and helping authors reach wider audiences through social media. Creative Alchemy was founded by Luis Escobar (a storyboard artist for The Simpsons TV show) and Alesha Escobar (chocoholic and caffeine addict by day, indie author by night).

Now we Masters of Time Travel are going to get busy and try to get summer here as fast as possible.

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